Be Younix

There is a life after the selfie


While I was at the Fiac, Foire International d’art contemporain, I met with a nice young man trying to realize a very difficult selfie.  Of course, I had to promote him !


Let me introduce you to a  character that puzzled me all my childhoodlong. Her name is « La Vache qui rit », the « laughing cow ». Funnily enough I  married a French man called « Vachaud », « the cowboy » who made me laugh a lot, though I never became « La Vache qui rit »,  I hope the difference is clear to you.



Waouh that is my first Younix. The picture was taken Septembre 6,  2014 on the roof of the IMA, Institut du Monde Arabe, ( Institute of the Arab world) a unique view over Paris. A first time for me. Sometimes just changing of point of view makes all the difference.

I used to be extremely shy. When I was a kid I would blush whenever I met someone in my building. I was so anxious not to be impolite that I would say « bonjour », « goodmorning » a thousand times to the same person even if I met her or him a thousand times.