When in London, I felt I should be in Paris, though it was nice to 

Driving from Pasadena to Los Angeles airport two weeks ago, my Uber driver
was a Croatian who was born in Germany but who left in 1999 because he wanted a better education for his children. He explained that all his friends
who stayed in this wonderful city « am Rhein », had managed to get «Beruf », some manual jobs, but this was not like the success of his kids. The first, a boy,

The sun dies in the Western horizon...

For a very long time I felt undestructible...

But life gets scary sometimes...

A change of perspective

“My dreams are a stupid shelter, like an umbrella against lightning.” 


“Hasta la muerte, todo es vida.” 
― Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra

This week, the Attorney general and  Minister for francophone affairs in Ontario, Madeleine Meilleur celebrated the 400 year of French presence in Ontario at the beautiful residence of the  the Canadian ambassador in Paris.

The Franco-British film festival in Dinard (Sept 30- Oct 5) explored very dark sides of the human mind this year, and when I decided to see « Lobster », the concept looked that something refreshing and funny compared to the prize winner « Two People in a Hole ».