Bluff your way about cheese.

« De Gaulle and cheese »

A famous phrase by de Gaulle was « How can you govern a country with 246 sorts of cheese , ». According to the very serious British board of cheese, there are in fact 400 kinds of French cheese. You may be shocked to discover that there are actually 700 sorts of English cheese, among them a lot of different cheddars of course.

« Entre la poire et le fromage »

If you serve cheese with biscuits and after the pudding, French people will look down on you. It is always the reverse : cheese first, but the phrase «  entre la poire et le fromage » which literally means, between the pear and the cheese, refers to having  a talk when people are relaxed at the end of the meal ». This goes back to the fact that until Louis XIV imposed the « French gourmet étiquette », in France like in England, pud -which was often pears (of which a lot of different kinds existed at the time) always came first. So you should keep enjoying Stilton and Port like Evelyn Waugh !

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Isma (non vérifié)

mar 15, 2015 · Reply

σημειώνω το "don't let them fool you", από στίχο αγγλικού τραγουδιού στον Στα ελληνικά σημαίνει "μην τους αφήνεις να σε κοροϊδεύουν".

SomSiffslaffish78 (non vérifié)

mar 07, 2017 · Reply

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