French kiss

« The French kiss » -in English in the text - entered the French dictionary in 2013. You may laugh at me… As a French student in English, I have always wondered what a « French kiss » really was and never dared asking. Knowing the lustful reputation of my fellow compatriots, I thought until very recently it was a… cunnilingus. Any English speaking person know it is just a kiss with the tongue, though, it is lecherous enough, isn’t it ?

The deep kiss full of germs was baptised « French kiss » by the American troops when they freed our country  and discovered delicious young promiscuous and rewarding young French girls. WWII, then.

Though I have no confusion between  cunnilingus and a French kiss in my own language, I looked for the origin of the French term « French kiss » which was an equal mystery to me. In coloquial French we say French « rouler un patin » « to roll a iceskating shoe », for a « French kiss ». I had a great laugh myself discovering that the British Press was also puzzled by these terms. I found weird explanations about the ice shoe movement on the ice, whereas it comes from « patiner », a French word from the XVIIIth century which means to tease in order to get sexual intercourse… So it is and the French are definitely dirty.



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