A to Z : How to become a true French for the summer : D for draguer


D for draguer. Draguer : pick somebody up. Sea, sex and sun, here comes the time for the French seducers. La drague which is a term borrowed from the marine word « dragger », meaning to scoop up the sea bed to get oysters or more recently mines at the bottom of the sea. Hard to see the connection ? Oyster and women... in a very very vulgar French,  "Mussel" is another word for pussy, and now the picture speaks for itself...

If you want to pass for a French man, you definetly need to turn into a « dragueur »

Beware of the fact that due to the evolution of mores, some French women tend also to play this national sports too.

I surfed on the net looking for the best advice for « draguer » and I must confess, the most effective tips are given by an American, Neil Strauss in his bestseller : « The Game: Penetrating the Secret Society of Pickup Artists » (It Books) , slightly chauvinist, but also subtile…

1/ whenever you arrive somewhere, smile and show you are confident. After three second reach your target.  

 2/ Never say hello good looking but find an excuse, some futile way to start the conversation. It is always best if the girl is not alone.   

3/ Ignore her and address her friends and men first.  

4/ Send her a « neg-hit », a destabilizing even negative remark on her hair, or anything thus pretending she is not interesting you.

5/ Shine and become the centre of the attention, telling stories jokes, and always concentrate on the men or the least pretty girls.

6/ Send another « Neg-hit »

7/ Investigate her relationship within the group in order to know if your target is already in a relationship and if so leave and try your luck somewhere else

 8/ Isolate your target, now that you have ignored the girl, it is time to
 seek forgiveness in dedicating a special time to her, showing her something (stars, food…). At this specific stage touching her shoulder or taking her arm, physical contact is essential.

9/ Compliment her about what about her is so special. She of course is… beautiful but you are attracted by her energy, sensitiviy, intelligence, whatever makes her so special.

10/ Press the pause key.  
Keep quite and if she resume the conversation it is a good sign, if not, you have failed.

11/ Time for closing : if you feel secure enough, try the tactic «  do you feel like kissing me ? ». If she says no, just say simply that you had this impression. And if you are not in such a daring position, say you have to leave and would like to resume this conversation later and take her mobile number.  

Et voilà, you are ready  for the summer ! 


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