« Appeler un chat, un chat, (1)... ou une chatte, une chatte (2) », or to call a prostitute, a « libertine rémunérée » , that is the question.


The French are so romantic. They can be incredibly creative when it comes to sex and its vocabulary. Where I live, in the 15th district of Paris, the Porte de Versailles, on the south bank, in quite a posh turn of the century building, a new shop was recently opened. They called it « osmose des sens » (senses' osmosis). Quite beguiling and poetic, isn't it ?

To advertise for their clients they distributed leaflets showing girls in garters, one of which I found stuck on my scooter (a leaflet, that is). This publicity did not fail to attract the local inhabitants' attention and, so to speak, our red light went on. And so we, as the landlords of the building, questioned the dubious activity in our midst. After all, it's not so cool for you and your kids to meet with men in rut at the bottom of the stairs of your building. Even though the life of a TV writer can be tough, "Roxane you don't have sell your body to the night". The police seemed to take their mission very seriously; they promised to investigate « Osmose des sens ». So far so good !

Their report is not very precise as to whether this infiltration was fully satisfying (with or without an interrogatory climax, so to speak), but there was indeed a conclusion, and a quite fascinating one. It appears that the bodily services delivered by the charming ladies in the basement are quite legal, nothing to worry about at all, according to the Préfecture de Police de Paris: it is only « naturist massage ». Glad to see them calling a spade, a spade!

If you read the news you can obviously see where I am coming at with this. No wonder the ladies testifying at the Carlton case in the depressing northern city of Lille are, of course, not prostitutes, but just, in the words of the defendant, « libertine rémunérées » (paid libertines), women consenting to their own fantasy even as they underwent all sorts of tough and degrading sexual relations which, as the main witness called Jade described, were meted out without any of the reciprocity that characterises true libertinage. Things are here again never as they appear: Dodo La Saumure, one of the pimps (he has an hardly translatable name, but there is something fishy or lizardlike about it), he explained that he was just renting room to homeless women; so touching!. And as Dominique Strauss Kahn put it, everything was « festive and playful » and, of course, and I bet it is true, « a lot of people wanted to please me ».

Actually, it must be hard to bear such an object of desire. I find it so moving that I think that it could be good material for a new TV show. How about « Dominique's Angels »? My heroines are a group of three women, a blond with fluffy hair (blond but clever, that is a surprising characterization!), a red-head (sulfurous with passion, of course), and a short-haired girl (the intellectual, possibly with sadomasochistic tendencies, obviously bisexual). They have a mission: in every episode, they come to the rescue of men who have sex lives in need of a little festivity and playfulness! After all, it is a French TV show, of course!.  

It looks like this idea is in the air...


1. to call a spade, a spade

2. chatte = pussy




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Yulissa (non vérifié)

fév 22, 2016 · Reply

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