French Shoe : in and out…

Imelda Marcos shoe museum

When I look at a man, apart from his hands, I tend to look at his shoes. Would I have been charmed by Aquilino Morelle, the chief PR of  French President François Hollande, and his handmade polished shoes ? Possibly! The Independent website Mediapart mentions his 30 pairs of luxurious leather shoes, among which were Davison, Weston… I suspect French do not know Weston shoes are home made. The Weston are not top quality, says my fiancé, who as a connoisseur very arrogantly hopes MR Morelle has some expensive Berlutti...

Though MR Morelle hardly competes with Imelda Marcos, wife of the Philippines dictator, and her 3000 pairs of shoes, I would suspect fetishism, some kind of mild perversion behind his collector's obsession…

But what about Aquilino Morelle hiring a shoe shiner from Le Bon Marché, the Parisian Harrods ? I would tend to think glossing everything over is a necessity and the devil is in the detail, isn’t he ?  And for sure there are not too many of them in Paris.

But is dedicating one gilded room of the Marigny Palace for this polishing ceremony a professional mistake ?

As the French saying goes, « the shoe makers wear the worst shoes »[1]. Aquilino Morelle, who very skilfully articulated the campaign of François Hollande,  portraying him as a « normal president », in fact as the anti-Sarkozy, anti-bling bling, committed political suicide. How can one be so clever and be so stupid ?

Here comes my screenwriter’s analysis. MR Morelle is a midget compared to Hannibal Lecter – I agree. But In all movies, as in real life,  all perverts, whatever their dimension, expose themsleves to discovery because they want to get caught. It is part of their enjoyement.

The problem is collateral damage. The shoe-shining story instantly changed the chief  PR into a « little marquis » in the French Press and the socialist Premier into a king and thus a frog. The right wing party member, Rama Yade, who doesn’t miss any occasion for self-promotion, was prompt to evoke the symbolism of the poor shoe shiner at the foot of the powerful. No wonder she wears flat shoes.

Shoe fashion has been a dangerous game for members of the Socialist party as French weekly, l’Express recalls it[1]. When the glossy magazine Closer took pictures of François Holland visiting his mistress Julie Gayet with his helmet on, they identified the chief of State by his shoes. Before him in the 90’s, former minister of foreign affairs, Roland Dumas also fell for his Berlutti home made boots costing more than 2000 euros, and was also betrayed by his mistress.

On the right wing side, Nicolas Sarkozy was mocked for wearing a shoe raiser to look bigger, but the worst case indirectly related with shoes was the right wing ex-minister, Georges Tron,  accused by his female employees of foot massage and sexual intercourse.

In Freudian analysis the foot and its « box » are intrically connected with sex, in case you never heard about the relation between French politics and Sex…

Funnily enough when women in politics are criticized about their shoes, as was Rachida Dati former minister of Justice wearing Louboutin,  or Nathalie Kosciusko-Morizet, candidate for the office of mayor in Paris,  in her Hermes boots, it is only because they are too expensive. As if  Cindarella complex was still vivid? 



[1] Ce sont les cordonniers les plus mal chaussés.


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Makaela (non vérifié)

juin 27, 2016 · Reply

Having been one of the very first settlers to establish permanent residence in your glorious town, much thanks goes out to Heather. I just can't picture myself proudly announcing to friends and family, "Hey, guess what? I've moved to this exotic little place called Zeelorbdng."SC

Darrance (non vérifié)

juin 28, 2016 · Reply

That hits the target peltycfre. Thanks!