Kiss of death

It was by a cold press release issued from the president headquarters that François Hollande officially ended his relationship with his companion, Valerie Trierweiler (read my article : « are woman the sacrificial victims of French politics ?») Saturday January 25th. It is not long since our President stated to the press « She is the woman of my life ». One can question François Hollande’s relationship and respect for women, noted psychoanalyst, Caroline Eliacheff on France Culture.  Indeed.

In the tradition of our former kings, Valerie has been repudiated by her royal husband just like a second rate courtesan. Though the « first lady» was not very popular, (or because) this is indeed very rapid … But according to a little booklet of Gentleman Quarterly « GQ » which I have on my night table, breaking rapidly helps soothing fast.

Murphy’s law

After this kiss of death, Valerie Trierweiler left France and flew to India on a humanitarian trip… I can only recommend a big hug with spiritual leader, Amma and a movie, « Eat Pray love », by Ryan Murphy.

After his break with Mrs Trierweiler, Holland’s popularity regained 1% of satisfied voters. That may be the tree that hides the forest. Given the economic measures he announced as a « pacte de responsibilité, « responsibility pact », which satisfied the moderates of the socialist Party (PS), the center (Modem) the right wing party (UMP) and was acclaimed by managers union (Medef) who celebrated his good decision. There might shortly be a backlash from the left of the left wing (la gauche de la gauche) as we call it for the municipal elections due in March. So the effect of the separation might be underestimated.

Unlike Nicolas Sarkozy, who first had been abandoned by his wife Cecilia during his campaign and could capitalise on French empathy, it looks like François Hollande definitely lacked compassion towards his « première dame ».  On radio Europe 1 yesterday morning some French women said that they  were shocked by Hollande’s brutality. But you may want to know that if the French president announced his separation so bluntly, it was because Valerie Trierweiler refused to associate herself with the press release of her companion. A positive aspect of Holland's sudden announcement is that our president's  reputation of being soft and weak is over.

My advice if I were the President's PR man:  after he announces the venue of a royal baby – the rumour gets stronger- and regains some popularity, I suggest he becomes best friend with Valérie’s best enemy, his former partner, Segolène Royal…  Give him a few years like that, being a young father.

Then for the next Presidential election in 2019, after having his midlife crisis and baby, the age of reason ; he should go back and start all over with Ségolène ? It seems according to a book « Entre deux feux », (between two fires)[1], that in 2007 he almost left Valerie Trierweiler for the mother of his 4 children. What about asking the hand of Ségolène ?  In doing so, he would kill two birds with the same stone, showing he is faithful to his engagement and reconciling the left wing party. That would be really… Royal. And so romantic.

[1] Editions Grasset in 2012


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