In Paris every thing -even sex, is ideology

Prostitution law : from « Californification », to « Borgen », passing by « Hung », when reality meets fiction.

You cannot have missed le manifeste des 343 salauds, (the manifesto of the 343 bastards ) echoing the manifeste des 343 salopes, ( manifesto of the 343 sluts) and their even more glorious motto «  Touche pas à ma pute », « don’t hurt my whore », echoing the antiracist motto of the 80’s «  don’t hurt my pal » pleading against racial discrimination.

Well the French are complicated… Let me decode this for you. In 1971,  prominent French women, among them lawyers, actresses, intellectuals, admitted publicly they had had an abortion, risking their reputation, at a time when interrupting pregnancy was totally illegal. While English women had had access to the pill since 1921, and abortion since 1967, French women waited until… 1967 to just get the pill and flew to England for years to get an abortion, thus starting « medical tourism »…

So to make a long story short, the « 343 salopes »,  took a high risk in admitting they had an abortion…And the law was changed in 1974 making the abortion legal.

What is it about the « 343 salopards » led by the talented writer and ex advertiser, the libertine, Frédéric Beigbeder, who dreams of being a hero of an American TV show « Californification » ? Basically a Male chauvinist self promotion… A blow (job).  I would have found it more provoking if, like film director Jan Kounen ( Doberman), who long time ago wanted to shoot a movie about the « bordel du cœur » « Brothel of the heart », just as we have les « restaurants du cœur » « restaurant of the heart», where poor people have access to basic food, sexless people could have access to fulfill their sexual needs ?

When the minister of female rights protection, Najat Vallaud-Belkacem declares that she means to eradicate prostitution, which she associates with female slavery, there are many people who mock her attitude. The idea is nonetheless logical : to impose fines on the client.  Like the ecotax, imposing a tax on those who pollute the planet, the famous « pollueur payeur », you smoke, you endanger your health, you cost more to society, you contribute more… Quite logical… How can you eradicate the oldest job in the world ?

On the French national radio Europe 1, a few days ago, I heard women working in the Bois de Boulogne, the dirtiest place to « walk on the wild side »,  calling themselves « fille de joie » « girls of joy », to protest about the cut in their salary the law may induce and that thanks to her work, her children were studying at university… The truth is « Pretty woman » is a fairy tail, the Richard Geeres and their kinds, don’t mary prostitutes… The truth is there is also a female fantasy to master male sexuality and keep under your thumb, perfectly described in « Putain » by Nelly Arcan. Some women do it in luxurious condition, some do it occasionnally… In « Hung » the American TV show, Ray, a sports coach, just divorced, decides to overcome his money problem and sadness by doing what he is the best at : sex… and becomes a gigolo… That is fiction, as in « American Gigolo ».

For most of these women, instead of joy, often la « chair est triste », as poet Mallarmé says - the flesh is sorrow. Many of the prostitutes have been abused, raped, are on drugs and prostitue themseleves to take drugs to forget. Rare are the pretty women.  Many creatures you meet on the bois de Boulogne seem to come out of « Walking dead ».

So Najat Vallaud-Belkacem is right about her fight… I suppose when some people dreamt of abolishing slavery, it was absolutely unthinkable before 1789… It took a very long time. It is not over and will never be, but it improved dramatically. Who would now oppose the abolition of slavery ?

In France, the paradise of galanterie, women had to wait for 1945 before being able to vote like their husbands. Until the law on male female parity in politics was voted in 2000, their political representation was a piece of wishfull thinking.  Even if only 28% of the MPs are women, it is already a big achievement. In 2012 half the ministers of the French goverment are women, the future mayor of Paris will be a woman. So laws concerning women are often necessary to change mentalities.

The danger is being too ideological and not pragmatic enough, as in the Danish TV show « Borgen ». In the 3rd season, the Prime Minister, Brigitte Nyborg, who promotes the law protecting prostitutes, suddenly changes her views after doing some comparisons with Sweden, and comes to realise that the drawbacks are much more important than the benefits…

You do not change society if you do not change education, and this is where it should absolutely start. « Roxane », as the Police says, you do not have to sell your body to the night…

What is your opinion about this : please enlighten my red light. Waiting for your comments.

 Bien sûr j'attends aussi vos commentaires en français ou en franglais !

More to see, more to read… -The 1979 French movie La « Derobade », with the French actress Miou Miou, gave a less glamorous idea and more realistic view of the oldest job in the world. - « Reflet dans un œil d’homme » by Nancy Huston… You will discover among other things that men going to lap dancing give more tip to show girls when they are ovulating…  Another attempt to save human kind ?

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