The lobster : how to avoid love and marriage

The Franco-British film festival in Dinard (Sept 30- Oct 5) explored very dark sides of the human mind this year, and when I decided to see « Lobster », the concept looked that something refreshing and funny compared to the prize winner « Two People in a Hole ».

The plot is very attractive  : after his wife chucked him out, our hero, Colin Farrell, is sent to a hotel with weight on his shoulders : If he doesn’t meet his other half in 35 days, he is to be transformed into the animal of his choice. He chooses to become a lobster while he is taking care of his brother, transformed himself into a dog. So far so good.

The countdown is on. The girls are not that attractive and whereas one of the protagonist pretends to a be nose bleeder (by banging his head) to create empathy with his target, our hero does not pretend, and so endangers his life.

The only option to postpone his fate is to kill « solitaries » in the wood. Without spoiling it for you, our hero, not really fit for seduction nor for killings, escapes from the hotel for what he thinks is a free world. In the wood, where solitaries are hiding to survive, solidarity is everywhere, and it is not a problem to be on your own since everybody is a solitary.

All is well as long as you don't infringe the rules, which prevent you from... dancing, flirting, nor making love with someone. Our tragic hero, who falls in love for the first time, will prove that love is indeed ...blind. 

With this tale, apparently so far away from us, the script analyses the couple, love, friendship; very funny, very cruel, definitely worth seeing.

By the way : If this ever happens to me I want to be transformed into a black swan.




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