Halloween in Pasadena

The sun dies in the Western horizon...

For a very long time I felt undestructible...

But life gets scary sometimes...

You think that your mother is Snow White...

But witches are around the corner


I always felt I belonged to the Royals, the name is Monroy, mon roy, my king in old French...

Mots of the time in life you feel trapped in a hot dog ( I am not the sausage)

May the force be with you !

Meet the mermaid

A playmobile looks like a perfect boyfriend, quite square

I wouldn't mind a minion, though...

I wish I were a tinkerbell

or part of this very sweet family

Or taking off with this one...


But no I am Catwoman and my boyfriend is Flash. The only problem is that he keeps vanishing. 

May be Frankenstein would be more stable ? 

How about batman ? 

Yes crack the whip...

It only I could be the Hit girl !

But my life is a dog's life...

Not so bad though...

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Nurlailah (non vérifié)

fév 22, 2016 · Reply

Nice that Obie was actually doing stioehmng, but to bring up the cake thing again is tawdry. Johnny is an asterisk. Let him fade into obscurity as the faithful pet that jumped through his RNC masters hoops so often that the public grew weary of the show and switched the channel. Oops. Did I say that out loud?Ron Paul '08! I want my guns and butter!

Dewi (non vérifié)

mar 02, 2016 · Reply

I'm on the Twitter and aparently Heather tweteed that she doesn't feel bad and was just speaking her mind. That woman might actually be a sociopath! It's one thing to, in the heat of competition, act like a douche, but when you see yourself and don't say Holy shit was I am asshole! then there is something seriously wrong with you. Even Santino from Project Runway season 2 apologized and recognized his behavior was inappropriate. Heather either doesn't know or doesn't care.Now I have little patience for wallflowers, but I have even less patience for bullies, and Heather is the worst kind of bully. She found the most emotionally vulnerable person in the competition and is systematically abusing her. And the one person who defended Beverly, Dakota is gone so who know's what going to happen next week. I hope the chef's kill Heather and make a monument saying: This is what happens when you treat people like shit. You get sliced up like a rack of lamb by professionals. As for why Heather was standing by Beverly, let's be fair, the producers probably had something to do with that. It is a show after all and we all got our drama. And I bet you money solid Heather has been chopping at the bit to humiliate Beverly in front of the judges.

Tiankhe (non vérifié)

mar 02, 2016 · Reply

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