“It is not power that corrupts but fear.” 
Aung san Suu Kyi

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Rahul (non vérifié)

fév 22, 2016 · Reply

2:31-- one suspects that you secterly dream of "gay sex and semen" at night... I mean, what are you so afraid of? And I take it that straight sex, resulting as it does in only half the semen, is acceptable to you? Or would you be more comfortable living in a nunnery? I'm told that in such establishments gay sex is rampant, but at least you wouldn't have to deal with all that icky semen.

Ruwan (non vérifié)

mar 02, 2016 · Reply

start taking viimatns both u and your wife and also wear loose fit boxers not tight underwear and also eat right again the both of you. also avoid things like hot tubs and riding a bicycle becuase the contant pounding on the male genitals while riding and last but not least avoid hot tubs right before ovulation because ive read it can effect sperm. i wouldnt worry about holding off baby dancing to every other week because it has been proven not to be necessary unless u have a low sperm count if not every day is fine if your both up to it but keep it fun and relaxing and not a chore that you have to do good luck trying