“Man may have discovered fire, but women discovered how to play with it.”

Candace Bushnell

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Jennifer (non vérifié)

mar 03, 2016 · Reply

I didn't think to find her on twitter! And WOW. Bitch is cold, yo! LOL at caproming her to Santino, except how he's even better. Ha!She is a total bully, and I, too, lose patience with that sort of puling, needy behavior, but I can UNDERSTAND it. And ignore it, if faced with it, not go on the attack! I'm hoping Grayson gets her moxie back, because she def. seems like the type that would step in and call her out.And I thought of that, too, that the producers kinda wormed them into place. Which is kind of gross, production staff. This show doesn't need manufactured drama. Well, aside from the actual competitions.

Singh (non vérifié)

mar 06, 2016 · Reply

Hi Kek, I saw this on H1 today and did it as well......I'm six years above my age (I wasn't surprised) Steve on the other hand was 5 years below his age.....I guess you can work out who is fit and eesrciexs in our household and who doesn't :-(