The supreme art of war is to subdue the enemy without fighting.

Sun Tzu

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David (non vérifié)

fév 22, 2016 · Reply

Every sentence of your Post was ineertsting. I'm a ribbon girl myself and used to buy antique ribbon on EBay. You made a lovely and beautiful salad, your mandoline slices were perfect. This salad was not my cup of raw veggies, so to speak, just didn't work for me. Sorry. The garnishes are just gorgeous, unique, add so much to any plate. Thank you for sharing that with us. On to Tuesday ..

Anil (non vérifié)

mar 02, 2016 · Reply

Everybody's so concerned about mouth baietrca. What I worry about with shared food is . Too many people just don't wash their hands! Beware the shared bag more than the shared dip.