“Cherish your wilderness.” 

Maxine Kumin

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Amir (non vérifié)

mar 03, 2016 · Reply

Thanks for the review of the Edmonton Festival. We used to be relurags there (after we quit Winnipeg), and now we have discovered Salmon Arm. This weekend, while you were in Edmonton, we were in Regina, enjoying Bedouin Soundclash, T.O.F.U., Ani Difranco, Steve Earle and Utah Phillips. Regina's festival actually took on a bit of a political overtone with many of the above names speaking out against the war(s) in the middle east. And a Persian/Iranian band Niyaz pointing out that though they were American residents, it was the Canadian Cultural Assoc. that funded their entire tour in order to show people the other side of Iran.Interesting times we live in.Carla

Mizuki (non vérifié)

mar 06, 2016 · Reply

First thing is don't borrow any more money from pay day lnereds. I know their industry very well and there is only one thing you can do and that is talk to them. Lenders including pay day lnereds are bound by both state credit codes and the uniform credit code this means that they must follow strict guidelines on how they do business and collect money(this falls under govt acts) so don't assume that they are not answerable to anyone. In NSW there is actually a cap on the amount of interest they can charge you per annum. If you were in this situation when they lent to you then they shouldn't have (unless you weren't completely truthful on your application). Sometimes we are victims of circumstance and can get into trouble as you are (you are not alone). They can ask you for money but cannot make unreasonable demands or discuss your debt with anyone other than yourself. They also cannot refuse a payment you attempt to make even if it is not the amount they had hoped for.Make a repayment plan that is very small (so you are making an effort to pay) and explain that you first need to organise accomodation and maybe employment (you didn't say if you had a job or not). If you feel you are being harassed by them contact the dept of fair trading as there are definate rules as to when you can be contacted , how, and how often they may approach you for funds. DO NOT let yourself be bullied but DO be honest , reliable and don't committ to a repayment plan that you know you cannot afford as thay are not allowed to force you to accept an unaffordable agreement. If they are trying to direct debit the funds from your account and you have no money you DO have the right to advise them in writing to stop as the funds aren't available (this will stop your bank account going into debit and causing unecessary fees). If they do not stop take a copy of your letter to your bank and advise them you have requested the lender in wirting not to debit your account. Your bank will then make this stop. Stay in contact with the lender and if you make regular repayments (even if it is a small amount) you will prove that your situation is genuine and your are making every attempt to rectify the situation. In these circumstances you can feel like there is no light at the end of the tunnel but trust me there is. The more you hide from them the harder it will be to solve. Beware of people offering you quick fixes as they will fix quick but leave a bitter taste in your mouth for years to come. It's not worth it. You are better off trying to pay the money back than trying to avoid them.

Kotai (non vérifié)

mar 06, 2016 · Reply

Ryan,These photos are betauiful and so real. You've captured their eyes in a way that almost tells their stories. It makes me want to get out there and help them and love them. What an incredible experience you must've had. Thank you for sharing. I am really looking forward to seeing more.