The eyebrows are the mirror of the soul

« You should never underestimate the power of the eyebrow », says the actor Jack Black, and he is right. Of course the unibrow, which prevented prehistoric man from sweating, is no longer fashionable, but the eyebrow retains a symbolic power.
In some civilisations the eyebrow reveals your status: are you married, are you single ? It is not by chance that Islam does not allow women to pluck their eyebrows. It is considered blasphemous to try to embellish and change the appearance that God gave you.

The eyebrows are not only enhancing the eyes, they are a part of our identity as much as our eyes. Some experimental results (1) suggest that human face recognition relies on the eyebrows at least as much as the eyes. Scientists have proved that «  the absence of eyebrows in familiar faces leads to a very large and significant disruption in recognition performance. In fact, a significantly greater decline in face recognition success is observed in the absence of eyebrows than in the absence of eyes ».Eyebrows tell about our emotions. Are we angry ? Are we happy? What are our intentions ? The eyebrows are the mirror of the soul...
 2003;32(3):285-93, "The role of the eyebrow in face recognition".

When I met Joss Devilleneuve ( on the right), she was just launching her third eyebrow bar in Paris's 15th arrondissement. There is something mesmerizing about Joss; she is passionate and when she has dreams she just goes out and achieves them.

Joss started her career in a beauty salon as a eyebrow plucker. Little by little she acquired some prestigious clients like French actress Isabelle Adjani and others whom she used to visit at home. When reaching her fifties she suddenly realised that this work situation was fragile and that she wanted a bigger life. With the help of her beloved friend Davy and with her twin sister Catherine, she started making plans to reach for the sky. She started her first eyebrow bars as well as a school to teach eyebrow plucking, because at the time no one had specialised in that field. She has now 65 shops and is developing across Europe, at the same time in Madrid , Brussels and in London. She once had the dream of having her own beauty product line, so she simply flew to Hong Kong to have it designed. She has now a corner in the fashionable Monoprix department stores in Paris.
What I really admire in Joss is not only her success — that is undeniable — but also the trust she puts in women who work for her, giving them the opportunity to manage their own shop after a couple of years.
To make a long story short, Joss is a great person and l'atelier du sourcil is a must !

L'atelier du sourcil, 82 Dean Street Soho London W1D 3SP/  phone : +44 20 36 95 95 80.

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