"Guillaume et les Garçons à table!", feature film by Guillaume Gallienne

We all are tomboys!

Guillaume is the youngest of 3 brothers and his mother wanted a girl ; so Guillaume is a very effeminate young man trying to deal with his sexual inclination… The pitch could be that of a classical gay outing, touching like « Billy Elliot », and other movies, that we have seen before.

It is not. It is an outstanding universal road movie : the candid Guillaume is traveling through Europe to find his real self, often humiliated, finding confort in the eyes of women he wants to imitate. Like his mother whom he also plays the role of, Tootsie like. He experiences rejections from all sides, but is never discouraged, when going through hell and, as Churchill says, he keeps going.

The result is a Shakespearian tale :  absolutely gross and hilarious when Guillaume undergoes intestinal cleansing at a Swiss clinic with beautiful Ingeborg ( Diane Kruger), and pure poetry when Guillaume learns to master horse riding with his « eyes wide shot »…

I’m not going to spoil it for you but all along, the film, oscillating between these two extreme pole, is a 3D experiment a bit more convincing than « Gravity » for me. In Guillaume et les garçons, you experience, not only intellectually, but in your flesh, being gay, being a woman, being a mother, and the difficulty of being a man. Adorable, n’est-ce pas ?

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