How to be a true Parisian in one hour

The challenge is huge and stand up comedian, Olivier Giraud, with his distinctive and so « romantic » French accent is very convincing in staging the legendary arrogance of the Parisians. He teaches foreigners how to change their positive attitude into the « blasé » and impatient posture of the Parisian. From hailing a taxi, to behaving in a restaurant or in a night club, to the extent of making love to a Parisian girl, olala !!!  Though the target is the outgoing and naive American who discovers the Eiffel tower confusing it with its Las Vegas reproduction, the show points out the gap in mentalities, deeper than the ocean.

This may sound a little cliché, but behind every cliché, there is always some truth when for example the Washington saleswoman in H&M is nice and thoughtfull whereas the ironical and lazy Parisian salesperson despises the client, often equally contemptuous, when he agressively says « Merci, je REGARDE », ( I’m just looking !), which with his tone can easily be translated into « go get fuck yourself » to the salesperson. I also loved his description of the metro when every body is stoned face except the old lady or the pregnant woman, but just because they want your seat…

Olivier Giraud, a French young man who lived in the US, captured the very Parisian « je ne sais quoi ». I highly recommand the show to the Anglo-saxon community, but also to the true Parisians ; may be they can improve their behaviour ! It is a great laugh for one hour.

The show, which was quite difficult to produce for nobody believed in a show in English in Paris, is a success and will be in Leceister square.

Théâtre des Nouveautés

24 boulevard poissonniere /75009 PARIS

Metro Grands Boulevards (line 8/9)way out n°6

1h10 mn / from 24€

infos/réservations :

from Jan 18th till June 16 and from Sept 14th till Dec 31st, Friday & Saturdays 7pm / Sundays 6pm / Mondays 8pm

From July 4th till Aug 30th  : Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays 8:30 pm

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