ROL : Read out loud with les livreurs

If your French is good enough, and if you like wine, (or may be after a glass of wine, and you have forgotten about selfconciousness), you may well enjoy one evening with « Les Livreurs ». A « livreur » in French is a delivery man, but who deliver unusual goods… books (livres)

The « livreurs » read out loud texts or short story by French authors. The reading session I attended was located in Hotel Mathurins, a cosy hotel close to Place de la Madeleine. After paying the 10 euros, you join the buffet, grab some glasses of wine, taste some paté, and then find yourself a seat in the lounge ready for the literary adventure.

After some interesting introduction about wines from the Loire Valley, one of the « livreurs », Jerôme a very elegant advertiser working in financial fields, then started the reading. It was some unknown story by Guy de Maupassant. Then another « livreur » read « l’Ile » some interesting short story by the contemporary author, Sylvain Tesson and for the end, the last reader, indulged himself to read some dirty Théophile Gauthier about sexual intercourse with a pregnant woman which made the audience shiver and blush.

Booking is necessary : you get a confirmation email. 

And if you think you would enjoy the experience and would like to learn to read out loud, you may also join their training session at Sorbonne University.

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