Me and la Vache qui rit... ( Me and the laughing cow)


Let me introduce you to a  character that puzzled me all my childhoodlong. Her name is « La Vache qui rit », the « laughing cow ». Funnily enough I  married a French man called « Vachaud », « the cowboy » who made me laugh a lot, though I never became « La Vache qui rit »,  I hope the difference is clear to you.

Lets go back to the historical Vache qui rit... She is the emblematic image of an industrial melted cheese I ate all throughout my childhood. Departing from the smelly camembert and goat cheese , she is the result of cheese leftovers, salty and addictive... Junk cheese. Why is she so fascinating ? Please look at her carefully. She is art.
Both her earrings carry her image with earring that carry her image with earring... Such a mirror effect made me dizzy. I do not know who the genius is who invented such a creature, but for me she represents a door to fantasy.
Today as I was running in the famous Jardin du Luxembourg, close to the Senate, I came across  a beautiful girl, Viviana from Brazil and her  husband –who is definitely wearing a wedding ring, isn't he ?- managing to do an improbable selfie, pretending not to do a selfie or, if you prefer, aware of the shamefulness of doing a selfie if you are not a orang outan, and therefore using a special device.
I thought I had to save this young couple in love from the vanity fair of selfies. And so bravely as I started running, I decided to  interfere and take a selfie of them with me, and playing the Vache qui rit.
That was, for a moment, in the jardin du Luxembourg, while my endorphines had not reached their peak, infinity and beyond. I gave them my email address, hoping I will get to know with whom I share this incredible experience. 


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Ghiuzan (non vérifié)

mar 14, 2015 · Reply

I'm glad you decided to share these pthoos--you have definitely captured the real ups and downs of your life. I love the double reflection in the first shot. Hoping things pick up for you soon. Thanks so much for linking up at {in the picture} this month.

Oluyemi (non vérifié)

mar 18, 2015 · Reply

Sounds great! Can you replace the cocunot flour with almond flour or gluten free flour, do you think? I'm wanting to make these soon but can't seem to find any cocunot flour within a 50 mile radius (slight exaggeration here, but you get the gist! I can't believe my Trader Joe's didn't have cocunot flour). Those bars look amazing.