The world is my urinal


While I was at the Fiac, Foire International d’art contemporain, I met with a nice young man trying to realize a very difficult selfie.  Of course, I had to promote him !

Solal Fabre, 28, is a designer at Thierry Mugler's.  As you can see  he is trying to make a picture of himself in front of an embroidered toilet… Not so common. There is a tatoo you can notice on his wrist which says « R Mutt », which is a direct reference to the artist, Marcel Duchamp and the  urinal he shockingly exhibited in New York in 1917.

« R Mutt » can be interpreted as art in mutation, but also « art mute », silenced art, or « Armut » in German, poverty, Mutt is also a bastard and if one inverts syllables, R-Mutt becomes Mutter...

So to make a long story short, behind my very innocent picture, there is world apart…

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Cinthia (non vérifié)

mar 03, 2016 · Reply

I tried this tonight and it was decluiois! My husband is sensitive to nightshade foods (tomatoes, eggplant, bell peppers, and hot spices, etc) so I appreciated that this was tomato-free. Of course I omitted the bell pepper and hot sauce, but it was good! I made mine with carrots instead of bell pepper, and I also added chicken breast for extra protein since I am pregnant with twins and NEED protein. Also, I squeezed a lime over the chicken before baking and then another lime over the whole thing. Thank you for saving the day it was great to make this with things I had laying on-hand!