Bluff your way in French culture

All you never wanted to know about froggies

This week, the Attorney general and  Minister for francophone affairs in Ontario, Madeleine Meilleur celebrated the 400 year of French presence in Ontario at the beautiful residence of the  the Canadian ambassador in Paris.

Don't be ashamed to make mistakes in French, you are not alone. According to a survey realized by le « projet Voltaire », and published in the French daily, « Le Parisien », on 15 June, my dear compatriots could master only 45% of spelling rules in 2015 against 51% in 2010.

Just as the shower scene in « Psycho », the painting of Jean-Paul Marat stabbed in his bathtub on July 13 1793, by the painter David, is iconic. In the Hitchcock's movie, Marion Crane (Janet Leigh), who stole money from her employer thinks that she is safe in her small motel, and indulges in a well deserved shower. Exactly as the leader of the radical revolutionaries who suffers from debilitating skin problems, is enjoying his bath.


If you are attending a dinner in France, leaving your hands on your laps, will appear quite rude to a French host. You are supposed to put your wrists on the table, but not your elbows unless you are a woman and exhibiting the jewelry and thus the wealth of your husband.