Dîner en ville

What people are talking about in Paris

When in London, I felt I should be in Paris, though it was nice to 

Driving from Pasadena to Los Angeles airport two weeks ago, my Uber driver
was a Croatian who was born in Germany but who left in 1999 because he wanted a better education for his children. He explained that all his friends
who stayed in this wonderful city « am Rhein », had managed to get «Beruf », some manual jobs, but this was not like the success of his kids. The first, a boy,

Of course you heard about French taxi drivers almost killing a young man for he dared telling them he understood why people chose « Uber pop », the non professional branch of taxi driver company Uber. Of course you heard about the riots, cars upside down.


HomeExchange Trocmaison : the 10 year itch.


The French are so romantic. They can be incredibly creative when it comes to sex and its vocabulary. Where I live, in the 15th district of Paris, the Porte de Versailles, on the south bank, in quite a posh turn of the century building, a new shop was recently opened. They called it « osmose des sens » (senses' osmosis). Quite beguiling and poetic, isn't it ?


As a screenwriter, I love politics because I read them like spy stories. Full of twists and turns.


Valerie Trierweiller et les femmes du Président, mais d'où vient cette rivalité entre femmes ?